Old Sadler Ranch discloses the following information regarding easements, surveys, rights, disputes, and leases. These disclosures are not meant to be conclusive nor comprehensive, nor is accuracy guaranteed. Buyers should investigate all aspects of Old Sadler Ranch prior to purchase.


Mineral rights

Mineral rights are not included with the sale of Old Sadler Ranch. Currently, there is one producing oil well on Parcel Nine (located just south of the stock pond). All oil and gas exploration activities are conducted by Silver Creek LLC which manages and maintains the cleared and graveled area around the oil well and storage tank as well as the gravel road from the north gate to the site. An easement exists for ingress and egress for oil extraction and maintenance activities. Parcel Four has two former oil well sites which have been cleared of equipment and restored for general land use. Silver Creek LLC holds exploration leases on Parcels Two, Four, Six, Eight, and Nine.

Fence line agreement with Hagerman

A Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge fence is on heavily-wooded ranch lands along the southern border of Parcel Four. The United States Department of Interior and the Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge both acknowledge the misplaced fence line and agree with the current owner of Parcel Four that at this time, neither party wishes to make changes to the fence line due to the impact on the ecosystem and cost involved. 

Two acres in dispute

There is a fence line dispute at the northwest corner of Parcel Nine whereby two acres appear on both the Old Sadler Ranch Parcel Nine survey as well as on the survey of the neighboring property. Currently, Grayson County Title Company is researching and pursuing this issue to determine the rightful owner of these two acres and the correct location of the property line.

oil and gas pipelines

Parcels Three, Four, and Five have underground petroleum pipelines transversing the properties. Parcel Three also has an underground natural gas pipeline. Please review surveys for approximate locations of these pipelines. 

electric line.jpg


Parcels Three, Four, and Six have easements for overhead county electric lines with overhead electrical wires transversing these properties. Please review surveys and images for approximate locations.



Currently, all 846 acres of Old Sadler Ranch are leased for cattle grazing, grain, and hay production. Leases will terminate and land will be vacated upon close of sale.