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109.68 Acres · 3141 ft Hagerman Frontage

Comprised of a separately-fenced 21 acre pasture with a tranquil stock pond and approximately 88 acres of wooded elm, oak, and cedar forest, Parcel One offers an ideal setting for a ranch homesite, grazing room, and prime hunting grounds. It shares 3141 feet of fence line with the Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge making it an ideal setting for hunting the deer, wild boar, and turkey that cross over its boundaries. Completely fenced with six wires, braces, and modern gates, Parcel One also has an existing (capped) water well and easy access to county electricity. Located at the corner of Basin Springs and Crawford Roads, and across the street from a development of modern brick homes, Parcel One offers not only a spectacular ranch homesite, but also investment and development potential.